3D Art

3D is my first love since my first PC.

Today, 3D is one of the main player in the companies digitalization and the gaming era.

3D have many different uses and application. Everyday new technolgies are coming to life or getting better and powerful bringing the everyday life to the next level; in this process 3D is one of the main players.

From gaming assets to AR for e-commerce, passing through architectural visualization, BIM, GIS, photogrammetry, laser scan,…

3D technologies can be declined to marketing, technical and commercial uses and the application can vary from still images, to interactive and dynamic or animated objects. Part of the 3D’s power and potential is about the multiple uses that a single model can have.

This can give the opportunity to the companies to be faster, to save budgets and to open new panoramas for developments.

So, long story short, what i can do for you as 3D Artist:

  • Game assets
  • Game environment
  • Product visualization
  • Architectural visualization
  • Animations
  • Texturing and materials
  • Modeling for AR
  • 3D optimized for WebGL and real-time
  • Photogrammetry and 3D scan

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Some examples:

Chalets RB

Original Vintage Sunglasses Instagram Filter

Alfa Romeo 8C 90th Tribute

Zanotta Mezzadro

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Mornico Legnami – Villette

Hudson Woods

Mornico Legnami – Villa

Alfa Romeo 8C 90th Anniversary

Tecnologia Mornico Legnami

DCL The Game Assets

Anon Optics Instagram Filter

Corvette Stingray

Zanotta Countryside House Set


Zanotta William Couch

Ph Laboratories Packagings

Previa Packagings

3D Realtime