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Marco Vivirito

Your needs, your desires and your taste are my raw materials.
Together we plan an efficient and dedicated path to achieve your goals: your best creativity distillate.


I’m from Italy and I’m a 3D artist and CGI addicted since 2000.

In the same year i started with passion and curiosity for the web design. Then, I graduated in Design at the Politecnico di Torino.

I’m a freelancer and I mainly work with 3D for the game industry and the other principal applications such as ArchvizProduct VisualizationAnimations,…

I also had years of experience as Marketing Manager and Sales/Marketing Coordinator on the entire italian country for brand as Burton Snowboards and Norco Bicycles.

I’m open and flexible to any proposal so, don’t be shy... Let’s talk!

Sickmind Services:

  • 3D Artist
  • Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Project Management
The Collective Services:

Something more?

I love mountains, nature.

I start skiing at 2,5y, snowboarding at 9y and telemark at 11. I love sliding on the snow or standing sideways on a board.

  • Snowboard instructor since 2006 (youngestof the year in Italy).
  • Snowboard Federal instructor since 2011 (youngest in italian history).
  • Telemark instructor in 2013.
  • Author of the Offical Italian technical-didactic book for teaching snowboard.

I'm a dad.

In 2012 my daughter Maya comes to life changing my life, she’s my hearth.

Since 2013 the mother is illegally obstaculating our rights.

This it cause a lot huge costs, every kind of support is welcome and so appreciated. I will keep you updated.

If you want to help, contact me or feel free to make a donation.


Awards and pubblications.

  • Published on 3D World Magazine issue n°274, July 2021.
  • Published on the official Adobe Substance 3D channels.
  • Published on the Best Of Blender Artists.
  • Featured on
  • Burton Snowboards Innovation Award 2017.
  • Author of the Offical Italian technical-didactic book for teaching snowboard 2015.